U.S. Optics is a U.S. manufacturer of custom riflescopes and optics since 1991. In this span of time the functionality, durability and clarity of our optics has evolved through research and development efforts, invaluable end user feedback, design innovation and proven engineering principles. A family of core products has emerged from U.S. Optics as a result of our dedication and perseverance to build the best optics available for the precision shooter.




The genesis of the current U.S. Optics commercial off the shelf (COTS) product line is rooted in custom scopes built to satisfy the needs of the competitive, hunting and defense shooting communities. The models that make up the commercial products line were chosen because of an overwhelmingly similar ordering pattern for specific features and magnification ranges. All of our optics are subject to rigorous testing during our quality assurance process before being packaged and shipped directly to you or to your favorite dealer. 




Interested in carrying U.S. Optics products in your store?  U.S. Optics is dedicated to providing you and your customers the best service possible.  Whether you are a custom gunsmith, independent brick and mortar shop, or an online retailer, we are here to meet your optic needs.  Contact sales@usoptics.com for more information.

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TS-6X 1 – 6x
TS-8X 1 – 8x
TS-12X 3 – 12x
TS-20X 2.5 – 20x
TS-25X 5 – 25x
TXH 3-18 (coming soon) 3 – 18x
FDN FX10 Fixed 10x
FDN 10X 1.8 – 10x
FDN 17X 3.2 – 17x
FDN 25X 5 – 25x

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Financing your next U.S. Optics purchase is easy and can be done right at checkout within your shopping cart. Credova is a third-party e-commerce platform offering multiple financing options with one application helping you find a payment option that best fits into your budget. Get approved with no credit impact! There’s no application fee and what’s even better is you’re able to apply before you shop to know what you have been approved for or apply at checkout and receive a financing offer right there and then.

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Every U.S. Optics Riflescope is engineered to standards we developed over our 28-year history, then hand assembled by skilled technicians before undergoing rigorous testing of features by multiple technicians during our quality assurance process.  If an U.S. Optics product proves to be deficient in function, quality, workmanship or material, U.S. Optics will repair or replace the product, regardless of transfer of ownership, for life.

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