Traditional Hunter

Whether you grab your 30-30 from the hall closet and walk out to the back woods or you head out to the hills with your 30-06, most traditional hunters have one thing in common: they have a relationship with their favorite hunting rifle that no modern sporting shooter can understand. The feel of the trigger, understanding of the recoil, and knowing exactly how the wood grained stock sets into your shoulder, makes your favorite rifle the choice for almost every type of hunt. This reliance on your favorite rifle just doesn’t happen overnight. Hunt after hunt your rifle has proven its reliability and proven its durability. It’s proven that through the thickest brush and some of the hardest falls it will still shoot just like you expect it to.

What about your scope? Can it handle banging through the brush, or will it stay together after you slip and use it as a fall pad? We understand that taking your average 100 yard shot doesn’t require the best optic money can buy, but let’s face it. We all trip, and slip, and most of us have had visions of our scope hitting the rocks before the end of the barrel. U.S. Optics scopes were designed for the brutality of war that every marine goes through, in some of the harshest battlefields the world has to offer. Our scopes have proved themselves time and time again after they have been slammed against concrete walls and reinforced steel. If you want your scope to last as long as your rifle, while also having the best glass and low light clarity, the proven durability of U.S. Optics scopes make them the perfect complement to your favorite rifle.



The new B-Series of optics are the most feature packed optics on the market. While the B-10 retains the the popular 1.8-10x magnification range today’s professionals are asking for, the similarities stop there. These new optics now have locking elevation and windage knobs, EK2 stop, revolution counter, tool-less elevation zero and a single button illumination control which has been integrated into the parallax adjustment knob. All this and still the same durability, reliability and performance we’re known for.

MSRP: $1,999.00*

*Additional $300.00 for Horus Vision Reticles

 GAP MIL Scale

Designed in conjunction with George from GA Precision, this MIL based reticle offers full MIL as well as ½MIL increments. A total of 9 MIL’s from the center down on the vertical axis, and 4 MIL’s left and right of center on the horizontal axis.


Horus Vision H425 Reticle

The Horus Vision H425 is designed for ease of use to meet the needs of the hunter and marksman. As part of the MR-10 series of rifle scopes the H425 reticle includes an inverted “L” range finder in the lower left quadrant that is calibrated in shooters minute of angle (SMOA) or inch per hundred yards (IPHY) for quick and precise calculation of range and distances. The H425 grid has 8 horizontal stadia lines which represent 8 Mils of elevation hold. The grid lines allow the shooter to correct for elevation and windage without turning knobs or counting clicks. The smaller, secondary horizontal lines allow for precise elevation holds with standard spacing between each secondary horizontal line set at 1 mil to compensate for wind, drift, speed of target, etc.

Common Characteristics

  • Magnification: 1.8-10x
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 3.2mm
  • Diopter: +2 to -3
  • Parallax Adjustment: 30yds to ∞
  • Field of View @ 1.8x: 36’ @ 100 yards
  • Field of View @ 10x: 11.3’ @ 100 yards
  • Eye Relief: 3.2” / 8.12cm
  • Objective Lens Housing Diameter: 2” / 50.80mm
  • Tube Diameter: 1.33” / 34mm
  • Overall Length: 12.98” / 329.6 mm
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 1.65” / 42mm
  • Ocular Lens Diameter: 1.40” / 35mm
  • Weight: 27.2oz / 0.77kg
  • Illumination: Red
  • Battery: Lithium Coin, CR2032
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 500 Hours
  • Material: Aluminum, 6061-T6
  • Finish Color: Matte Black

B-10 MIL Specifications

  • Elevation Knob: 1/10 MIL EREK 2
  • Elevation Travel*: 28 MILS
  • Windage Knob: US#5, 1/10 MIL
  • Windage Adjustment Range*: 14L / 14R
  • Reticle: MIL Scale GAP, First Focal Plane
  • *20 MOA Down








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