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TPAL rifle scopes (MR-10, LR-17 and ER-25)

B-Series Scopes Instruction Manual (B-10, B-17, & B-25)



2017 US Optics Product Brochure

If the scope is new and you have not played with your knobs, then the scope is a piece test equipment. It is optically centered for windage and the elevation is optically centered and then set for a 20MOA down base. The exception is scopes which are set for flat bases.

Follow the instructions mounting video.

If the scope is used or somebody has played with the knobs, spin in the scope following the erector centering video. Then follow the mounting video.
Your base may not be aligned with your barrel. Use a bore sighter when mounting any scope with any rings or you risk horizontal and/or vertical adjustment problems.

If you are using rings other than US Optics, be especially careful when you mount the rings and scope. Use a bore sighter and check for windage alignment. If it’s off by more the 10MOA either direction call us for help.

Don’t over turn your knobs or you risk pushing the erector tube into the side wall and cracking the reticle. If the knobs seem to stop moving call us for help.
Don’t count clicks each way to center a scope. Spin in the scope using the erector centering video.

Get a Bore Sighter. We prefer the magnetic ones.

Note: Bore sighting tools are a great tool to have when zeroing a riflescope. Barrel crowns are not always perfect. If your rifles are already set up and zeroed, attach the bore sighter and check to see that it agrees with your zero. If not write down the each rifles zero position on the bore sighter grid.


You can always call us for help. (714) 582-1956

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