From the sands of Marjah to the streets of Fallujah, the B-10 is the perfect fit on any MK11 or other Designated Marksman type rifles. The versatile magnification range of the B-10 will give you the ability to dial down to 1.8x while clearing through a house on your way up to the rooftop, and then enable you to power up to 10x to make that 700 meter shot. Whether you are providing over watch for your platoon or on a long range patrol, the B-10 series optics will give you the combat reliability you demand while giving you the versatility, clarity, and precision you need.



The U.S. Optics B-10, 1.8-10x42 rifle scope is one of the most feature-packed medium-range optics currently available on the market. The B-10 comes standard with a single button illumination control that is integrated into the parallax knob, tool-less elevation zeroing with a revolution indicator, an EK2 Stop, a locking windage turret, and a locking elevation turret. You have the choice of the MIL-Scale GAP, Horus H425, or the MOA Scale Type 1 reticle. Our reticle selection is built to cater to all shooters whether you are military, law enforcement, competitor or hunter, you’ll find something that fits you. 

MSRP: $1,999.00*

*Additional $300.00 for Horus Vision Reticles

MIL-Scale GAP Reticle 

The MIL Scale GAP Reticle in the B-10 features full MIL and 1/2 MIL hash marks laid out in a clean display. The full MIL hash marks are numbered every 2 MILs for quick and easy reference. The hash marks represent a total of 9 MILs of adjustment below the horizontal axis, 4 MILs of adjustment above the horizontal axis, and 4 MILs of adjustment to the left and right of the vertical axis



JNG MIL Reticle 

This MIL based reticle uses the proven circle method of quick acquisition, for lower magnifications, as well as a ranging reticle. ½MIL increments make up all four quadrants of the crosshair, a total of 10 MIL’s for the bottom/right/left and the upper with 6 MIL’s. Heavy duplex posts to the outer edge aid in low magnification aiming as well as keeping the weapon level.



 MOA Scale Type 1

This reticle was designed to be a simple MOA reticle that allows for precise hold over shots and ranging. Each hash mark is 2 MOA with numbering every 10 MOA for reference. A total of 40 MOA on the vertical axis below the center, and a total of 30 MOA on each side of center on the horizontal axis.

Horus Vision H425 Reticle 

The Horus Vision H425 is designed for ease of use to meet the needs of the hunter and marksman alike. As part of the B-10 rifle scope, the H425 reticle includes an inverted ‘L’ range finder in the lower left quadrant that is calibrated in Shooter’s Minute of Angle (SMOA) or Inch Per Hundred Yards (IPHY) for quick and precise calculation of range and distances. The H425 grid has 8 horizontal stadia lines which represent 8 MILs of adjustment hold. The grid lines allow the shooter to correct for elevation and windage without turning knobs or counting clicks. The smaller, secondary horizontal lines allow for precise elevation holds with standard spacing between each line set at 1 MIL to compensate for wind, drift, speed of target, etc. 

Common Characteristics

  • Magnification: 1.8-10x
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 3.2mm
  • Diopter: +2 to -3
  • Parallax Adjustment: 30yds to ∞
  • Field of View @ 1.8x: 36’ @ 100 yards
  • Field of View @ 10x: 11.3’ @ 100 yards
  • Eye Relief: 3.2” / 8.12cm
  • Objective Lens Housing Diameter: 2” / 50.80mm
  • Tube Diameter: 1.33” / 34mm
  • Overall Length: 12.98” / 329.6 mm
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 1.65” / 42mm
  • Ocular Lens Diameter: 1.40” / 35mm
  • Weight: 27.2oz / 0.77kg
  • Illumination: Red
  • Battery: Lithium Coin, CR2032
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 500 Hours
  • Material: Aluminum, 6061-T6
  • Finish Color: Matte Black

B-10 MIL Specifications

  • Elevation Knob: 1/10 MIL EREK 2
  • Elevation Travel*: 28 MILS
  • Windage Knob: US#5, 1/10 MIL
  • Windage Adjustment Range*: 14L / 14R
  • Reticle: MIL Scale GAP, First Focal Plane
  • *20 MOA Down


B-10 MOA Specifications

  • Elevation Knob: 1/4 IPHY EREK 2
  • Elevation Travel*: 100.8 MOA
  • Windage Knob: US#5, 1/4 IPHY
  • Windage Adjustment Range*: 50.4L / 50.4R
  • Reticle: MIL Scale GAP, First Focal Plane
  • *20 MOA Down




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