About Us

Since 1991

In 1991, U.S. Optics was formed on the beaches of sunny California, manufacturing full-house custom rifle scopes any way the shooter desired. Quickly, the company rose to outgrow the original shop in Buena Park, CA, and moved to a new facility in Brea, CA where the brand began to ramp up production of high-quality custom products, such as SN-3, one of the most famous optic lines we have ever produced. The company continued to innovate in the scope arena, helping to pioneer the “LPVO” or Low Power Variable Optics, that have become so commonplace in modernity. During the time in Brea, U.S. Optics took over the USMC contract for the Unertl 10X sniper scope, servicing and replacing these units with the improved MST-100. It wouldn’t be until 2014 before U.S. Optics would begin to offer a commercial “off-the-shelf” scope with the SR, ST, MR, LR, and ER lines of scopes being produced without custom work orders. Known for their size and rugged build quality, U.S. Optics products began to fill showcases of gun stores across America. 



In mid-2017, the company moved to Kalispell, Montana, a snowy contrast from our beachy SoCal roots, following a recent company acquisition by DRSG. It is here that we began manufacturing the SVS line of LPVOs, which became a huge hit to the growing tactical market. The B-Series, which started life in California, was taken to Montana where production was increased following their release earlier in 2017. 


North Carolina

Life in the picturesque mountains of Montana was short for U.S. Optics, and in 2019 the company joined firearm and accessories manufacturer ZRO Delta. This new partnership brought the company across the continental United States to the foothills of North Carolina. In Rutherford College, North Carolina, U.S. Optics would find the biggest facility in company history, converted from an old hosiery factory.This move brought a new structure to our production, emphasising the importance of producing and delivering a quality product. The new facility houses a number of on-site ranges, allowing our technicians the opportunity to test and ensure our products’ real-world abilities and performance. In late 2019, U.S. Optics announced the pinnacle of the company’s scope development, the Foundation Series, which would replace the current line of B-Series scopes. Since ‘91, U.S. Optics products have only been boutique, and high-end. Seeing a massive market gap, U.S. Optics introduced the TS-Series under the “USO” label, featuring three traditional rifle scopes, two LPVOs, and three offerings for electronic red dot sights. These optics come at a greatly reduced price point to be more available to the “average shooter”, but still retaining the U.S. Optics mantra of being reliable and repeatable. 


Mission Statement

U.S. Optics provides the shooting, hunting, and defense communities with optics of unparalleled durability, reliability, and optical clarity by empowering a team that refuses to compromise organizational standards and strives to push the boundaries of innovation.